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Adnan Abrashi, Foto Adnan Abrashi, Horoskopi
Adnan Abrashi is one of our staff member at AlbaNur and is devoted to help Albanians to know more about Horoscope and Zodiac signs and their meaning.. More!
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Yearly horoscopes for 2013
Peshqit Horoskop, Horoscope PiscesPisces yearly horoscope 2013

In the last years, several very important changes happened in the lives of people born under the sign of Pisces. The yearly horoscope shows that your ruling planet Neptune got into your own sign and it adds to your beauty and self-confidence. The planet Uranus in your house of finances (from 2011) has the result in the form of excellent changes in your finances. The planet Jupiter is in your house of family since the last year till June of this year. There are possibilities for moving, renovation or something similar.

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Peshorja (23 Shtator 21 Tetor)

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Horoscope - Horoskopi
How is compiled personal horoscope?
Developing personal horoscope is not just a simple routine "accidentally shot of things", as we think. But, it is constructed from a series of operational actions more theoretical detail-traditional rituals, accounting and other principles mathematical feature, by means of which reach the entire information for concrete designated mark. For more click here!

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